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Quonquont Farm & Orchard 413 575 4680 (farm) 413 588 2028 (events) 9 North Street, Whately MA

Quonquont Farm grows blueberries, raspberries, peaches, and apples. You can pick your own blueberries and apples or buy fresh fruit at our farm store during the season.

Our blueberry season usually runs from July 4th through the end of the month.

Our peach season typically runs from early August to mid-September, but we lost our entire 2023 peach crop to one night of severe cold in February.

Apples start with in late August and go through mid-to-late October. Sweet, tart, eating or cooking, we’ve got apples for every taste! We also sell our very own, fresh-pressed, sweet apple cider. Please note that our 2023 apple crop was damaged by a freeze event in May and some varieties may be limited in supply or may not be available at all.

Find out what we’re picking.

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