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Quonquont Farm & Orchard 413 575 4680 (farm) 413 588 2028 (events) 9 North Street, Whately MA
Our Season

Our blueberry season begins right after the 4th of July and runs to late July.

Our peach season typically runs from early August to mid-September.

Apples start with in late August and go through mid-to-late October. Sweet, tart, eating or cooking, we’ve got apples for every taste!

In 2022, we will begin selling fresh vegetables and herbs in our farm store, along with orchard-raised chicken eggs and meat.

Find current farmstand hours here.  Find out what’s fresh, check out our What’s Ripe? page or follow us on Facebook!

Our Growing Practices

We grow blueberries, raspberries, peaches, apples, flowers, and a variety of vegetables and herbs. We also sell our own orchard-raised eggs and chicken meat.

Although Quonquont Farm is not certified organic, our vegetable and flower farming practices meet or exceed the national organic standards. We do not use synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers in our vegetable or flower crops. We use minimal tillage, cover crops, mulch, and compost to preserve and enhance soil structure and health. Our goal is to build healthy soil that grows nutritious food.

Beginning in 2022, we will be starting to transition our blueberry patches and apple orchards from integrated pest management (IPM) to organic practices. We will continue to grow our peaches using IPM methods for the time being. Both IPM and organic fruit growing combines cultural practices, mechanical and biological controls, and careful monitoring of our orchards. Only when a problem exists that poses an economic threat to the crop do we act to protect the quality of the crop. Even then, we choose interventions and practices that prioritize a minimal impact on the environment.

We raise our chickens primarily in our blueberry patch and apple orchard, where they do much of the work of controlling weeds and other pests. We supplement their foraging with non-GMO, organic feed.

In all our farming, we work hard to protect native pollinators and other species of importance–including native plants. Our practices reflect our commitment to responsible stewardship.

Leslie Harris, Farm Manager

Leslie Harris is an unlikely fruit farmer, what with her degree in literature and her more than 25-year career as a leader in the animal welfare field. But she loves growing food, helping people, driving tractors, and working outdoors (preferably accompanied by a dog). Leslie became the farm manager in October 2015 and firmly believes that there is no more beautiful place on earth than Quonquont Farm on any day of the year.

Raven Williams, Assistant Farm Manager
Raven graduated from Hampshire College in 2017 where she studied not fruit, but history. She grew up picking fruit at Quonquont Farm even before moving to Whately when she was in the fourth grade. Raven and her superior organization skills joined us shortly after graduation.  She can easily be spotted anywhere on the farm with her brightly colored Converse footwear.
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