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Quonquont Farm & Orchard 413 575 4680 (farm) 413 588 2028 (events) 9 North Street, Whately MA

Greenfield Recorder – Awards in Bloom at Quonquont Farm

Love Lies Bleeding, a type of amaranth flower, swayed against a backdrop of deep maroon Red Hedge sunflowers in Quonquont…

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Greenfield Recorder – A Bevy of Blueberries at Quonquont Farm

The first thing one notices when visiting Quonquont Farm is its sheer gorgeousness. This 150-acre farm on North Street in…

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Daily Hampshire Gazette – Buddies with Beavers

WHATELY — The farmers who own Quonquont Farm and the beavers that live there have a special and rare friendly…

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Greenfield Recorder – Apple Picking, Blueberries, and Breathtaking Views

A narrow dirt road stretches along Quonquont Farm’s apple orchard, proceeds by a lone bench and up a small hill…

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