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PYO Flowers Club


Pick what you’d like, when you’d like it all summer long at a 20% discount.  Enjoy the soaring blue of Delphiniums and heavenly scent of Sweet Peas in July.  Warm things up with the likes of Zinnias, Sunflowers, and Celosias in  August.  Revel in luscious Dahlias and cut some Strawflowers and Statice for drying in September.

Choose either a 1-gallon QQ bucket or 32 ounce QQ tub and receive a membership card that entitles the bearer to fill that container eight times over the course of the season. When you visit the farm, fill your container to capacity, present your membership card for us to stamp, and let your creativity flow.

The 32 ounce tub holds approximately 1 pound of flowers, the 1-gallon bucket holds approximately 2 pounds of flowers.

Makes a great gift for the flower-lover.



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Flower Club container size

1-gallon bucket, 32 ounce tub

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