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To adequately celebrate the blueberry, we must eat!  As part of our Blueberry Festival, we’ve invited local pastry chefs to create something special for the Bake Off and we’re also soliciting entries from Valley home cooks. Do you have a killer blueberry dessert recipe? See how it stacks up against other local home cooks by entering Quonquont’s Great Blueberry Bake Off, Home Cook Division.  Details below.

All entries are eligible for a People’s Choice Award (determined by Blueberry Festival attendees) as well as a Local Celebrity’s Choice Award (selected by cookbook author and “Diva of Deliciousness” Tinky Weisblat).

Tasting for the People’s Choice Awards will be going on from 11 to 12:50.  Anyone attending the Blueberry Festival can vote for their favorite entry by placing a quarter in a bank.  All proceeds will go to the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.

At 1:00 Tinky will taste all the entries and make her pick for the Local Celebrity’s Choice Award from among the Invitational and Home Cook entries.  Then she’ll announce the People’s Choice Award winners in both categories.

Quonquont Farm Great Blueberry Bake-Off, Home Cook Division

Rules for Bakers:

  1. The dessert may take any form, but must be servable in tablespoon-sized amounts in small paper containers (supplied by Quonquont). We discourage desserts requiring constant refrigeration prior to service.
  2. Each contestant may supply no more than one dessert entry.
  3. Each contestant must supply sufficient amounts of dessert to feed at least 100 people a tablespoon-sized serving.
  4. The contestant must supply a complete ingredient list for posting at the display. This list need not be a recipe with amounts, but is rather to help identify potential allergens.
  5. The contestant must confirm their entry in the contest via email to [email protected] no later than Friday, July 20th.
  6. The contestant must have their entry at the Quonquont Blueberry Festival no later than 10:45 a.m. on Sunday, June 22, 2018.

Contest Process and Prizes:

  1. We will offer two prizes: People’s Choice and Local Celebrity’s Choice.
    1. We will decide the People’s Choice award through votes. Each taster will be a member of the public, and each of them will be allowed to cast a vote for their favorite dessert. The vote will take the form of a quarter dropped in a bank. The dessert entry with the most votes (i.e., the most money in the bank) will be declared the People’s Choice winner. In the event of a tie (i.e., the exact same amount of money in the bank), we will declare two People’s Choice winners. We will donate all money raised from votes to the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts.
    2. The Local Celebrity judge will determine the Local Celebrity’s Choice award. There is no tie possible in this category.  The decision of the Local Celebrity judge will be final.
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