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Setting the scene


Flowers and foliage picked from Quonquont gardens, meadows, and forests, assembled in the last couple of hours before your event. These include:

  • floral clouds and other suspended
  • floral swags attached to buildings–beams, posts, etc.
  • tabletop greenery
  • entrance to the Event Barn
  • greenery decorating chandeliers
  • decoration for the aisle and/or the path leading to the ceremony

We’re delighted to experiment. Let us know if you have other ideas.

Aisle Decorations

Meadow Buckets

Meadow buckets are a beautiful, natural, addition to anywhere you need a little pop. We’ve seen clients use them at the base of arbors and the back of the chairs. Bonus, they can be repurposed elsewhere at the reception!

Barrel, Pedestal, and Plant Stand Arrangements

We offer wine barrels, pedestals, and plant stands (link to each of these on decor page) which perfectly frame both the front and back of the aisle. Topped with florals…..  

Molly Burns Photography

Floral Confetti

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