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Our Employees

Quonquont Farm employs year round and seasonal staff that work to grow food and flowers, help farm customers, serve event guests, and much more.

Our staff includes people of all ages and backgrounds. Many of our seasonal employees are high school or college students who return year after year. Some positions at Quonquont require certain levels of certification or have minimum age requirements, but many are perfect for people starting out on their first job or just looking to pick up some extra work.

Working at Quonquont Farm means working with people–we welcome thousands of guests to our farm each year to pick delicious fruit and beautiful flowers or to attend a fabulous event. It is our job to work as a team to welcome every guest and to steward this lovely, historical piece of land.

Working for Quonquont Events

Our event season runs from May 1st through November 1st. We hire our seasonal staff for the event business starting in mid-April, and often hire additional staff in mid-August as students return to school.

Open Positions

Working for the Farm at Quonquont

Growing food and flowers is a year round undertaking. We hire our seasonal staff to start in April or May, and they work until the close of the harvest season, usually mid-October to early November.

Are you the kind of person whose idea of a good time means being outdoors doing something? Are you also the kind of person who straightens a crooked rug, can’t rest until a job is complete, and thinks bugs are kind of interesting? If you say “Yes!” to all these things and you can do a tedious task for hours on end if you have just the right tunes in your headphones, farm work might be for you! At Quonquont Farm, we believe that farming should be both fun and fastidious. We’re looking for a few good folks to join us this season to grow fruit, flowers, and vegetables. You’ll spend hours hand thinning peaches, deadheading dahlias, and pinching off tomato runners. You’ll also run a string trimmer, pick fruit, and play with some darn fun dogs. Sound like your dream job? Check out the open jobs below. Pay rates and application instructions are included in the job descriptions. We hope to hear from you!

Open Positions

None at this time
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