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What We Grow

Quonquont Farm grows blueberries, raspberries, peaches, apples, cut flowers, and a variety of vegetables and herbs. We also deploy chickens to our orchards to help with farm work—they provide delicious eggs (Cackleberries) for our subscribers and customers.

Find out what’s ripe in our orchards.

Our farm store is open from early July through late October. Find our hours and directions.

How We Grow

Our goal is to build healthy soil that grows nutritious food.

Although Quonquont Farm is not certified organic, our vegetable and flower farming practices meet or exceed the national organic standards. We do not use synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers in our vegetable or flower crops. We use minimal tillage, cover crops, mulch, and compost to preserve and enhance soil structure and health.

We continue to seek a more sustainable path toward growing our tree fruit and blueberries. We do not use conventional pesticides in our blueberry patches. We use an ecological Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach in our apples and peaches. This means we combine cultural, mechanical, and biological controls with careful monitoring of our orchards, while choosing protective practices that prioritize a minimal impact on the environment.

We are committed to protecting native pollinators and other species of importance–including native plants. Our farming practices reflect our commitment to responsible stewardship.

Meet the Farm Team
Leslie Harris, Farm Manager

Leslie Harris is an unlikely fruit farmer, what with her degree in literature and her more than 25-year career as a leader in the animal welfare field. But she loves growing food, helping people, driving tractors, and working outdoors (preferably accompanied by a dog). Leslie became the farm manager in October 2015 and firmly believes that there is no more beautiful place on earth than Quonquont Farm on any day of the year.

Maida Goodwin, Horticulture Manager

Maida Goodwin is a lifelong gardener and plant lover. She earned a degree in Plant and Soil Science from UMass and honed her growing skills working for a decade at Blue Meadow Farm, an ornamental nursery known for unusual plants. Maida joined the Quonquont Farm staff in 2017 to establish the cut flower plot and fill the Farm’s gardens with abundant blooms.

Tim Baldwin, Vegetable Program Curator

Tim Baldwin joined the Quonquont farm crew to lead our effort to grow vegetables and herbs. A first-generation farmer, Tim started growing on a commercial scale in 2018. Since that time, he found that raising unique, heirloom, and flavor-forward vegetable and herb varieties is particularly satisfying…and extremely tasty.

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Nicole Hayduk, Horticulture Apprentice
Nicole Hayduk joined the Quonquont team during the 2022 season to assist in the cut flower plot and ornamental gardens. As an outdoor enthusiast and landscaper, she found a passion for agriculture and graduated with a degree in Sustainable Food and Farming program from UMass Amherst. The chief architect of our luscious farmstand bouquets, Nicole is excited to continue learning about sustainable flower production and design.
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