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We grow a variety of fruits at Quonquont Farm. Click the “Ripe Now” or “Ripe Soon” buttons to see what’s ready for you to pick. Although we show general date ranges below the name of each fruit, you should remember that farming depends on a variety of factors beyond our control and, thus, actual ripeness dates will vary from year to year.



The apple favored by church ladies and other in-the-know pie bakers everywhere, the Cortland's crisp, white, sweet-tart flesh makes it perfect for baking, tossing on a salad, or just munching.…

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Early September

Ayuh, they're here. If you don't like a good, taht Mac, you might be from away. Macs cook up naturally mushy so, hello applesauce! Pro tip: Macs are notorious droppers…

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Red Jonagold

Early September

Like a sweet, crisp apple? Forget those supermarket Honeycrisps. Pick and nosh on New England's own sweet perfection: the Red Jonagold. Primarily an eating apple, RJ's also make delicious sauce…

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Early September

There's a party in the orchard and all the cool kids are going. Just take a right at the sign that says Gala. Sweet, mild, classic, and just the right…

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Mollie’s Delicious

Late August

This voluptuous red apple smells almost as sweet as it tastes. Eat a Mollie's Delicious at its peak and the juice will run down your arm. Pro tip: Buy the…

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Paula Red

Mid-to-Late August

Our first apple of the season, Paula Red is a sweet-tart, firm-fleshed, all-purpose apple. Need sauce? Pie? Lunch? Call on Paula. She won't do you wrong. Pro tip: Although some…

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Although we are no longer doing pick-your-own peaches, we continue to have fresh-picked peaches available in our farmstand, including a generous supply of discounted "utility" peaches that are perfect for…

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Our blueberry patches are closed for the year. Thank you for making our 2018 blueberry season so much fun! We sell pick your own blueberries by weight. We encourage you…

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