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Koryn & Chris Photography
Aleksandr Novik Photograhy
Oliver Scott Photography

The Silos

The magnificent tile silos at Quonquont Farm were built in 1923. One silo stands at the entrance to the event barn. The other two are close to the farmhouse dressing suite, making them the perfect backdrop for your first look.

All three of our gorgeous silos are composed of glazed ceramic blocks manufactured by the National Fireproofing Co. (NATCO) in Pittsburgh, PA. The blocks and steel framing were shipped by train and assembled on site in 1923. Ceramic block silos were prized for grain storage because of their fire-, water-, rodent-, and frost-proof benefits. The technology was utilized only for a brief period before the development of metal silos; the Quonquont silos are a rare architectural type in this area.

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