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Greenfield Recorder – A Bevy of Blueberries at Quonquont Farm

The first thing one notices when visiting Quonquont Farm is its sheer gorgeousness. This 150-acre farm on North Street in Whately is studded with historic buildings, landscaped flowers, fruit trees, and a sense of beauty.

I sat down last week with farm manager Leslie Harris and Harris’ spouse, Allison Bell, who co-owns the farm with longtime friend Ann Barker. We talked about the farm’s crops, about its diverse landscape and wildlife, and about the sense of stewardship the two feel for the land.

Leslie Harris joined the Quonquont team two years ago after retiring as executive director of Dakin Humane Society, where she had worked for 20 years. “It’s a very hard-working retirement,” she said with a laugh.

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