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Greenfield Recorder – Documenting the Natural World

By Mary Byrne.

When Allison Bell set up her first wildlife camera on her farm in Whately, she assumed such cameras were really only used by hunters.

“I wasn’t aware then of too many local people, who were doing it as a recreational … backyard experiment,” said the co-owner of Quonquont Farm on North Street. “There are more people doing it now.”

Over the last several years, the wildlife cameras — also called trail cameras — set up around Quonquont Farm have generated widespread interest on the farm’s Facebook page. Just recently, a video of two bobcats and a weasel family garnered more than 30 shares and three times as many “reactions.”

“We really have found that nothing makes people connect to the natural world like seeing pictures of real animals … doing what it is they do in their somewhat secret lives,” Bell said. “For most people, they don’t have the ability to see a raccoon acting naturally. … We found it to be a great pleasure to people, even before the pandemic.”

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