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Quonquont Farm
Position Description

Farmstand Staff
Reports to: Vegetable Manager
Hours: full-time or part-time, non exempt, seasonal
Function: Provides exceptional service to farm customers while maintaining the store.

Quonquont’s Guiding Principles

Our Mission: At Quonquont Farm, we are dedicated to stewarding our land, connecting our community to healthy food, and making every guest the center of celebration.

Our Core Values: Community, Professionalism, Optimism, Creativity, and Teamwork


  • Represents Quonquont to farm customers in person and on the telephone.
  • Provides helpful, prompt, polite service to farm customers.
  • Accurately and efficiently processes all store transactions. Maintains an accurate cash drawer throughout the service and is able to account for any discrepancies in the final drawer tally.
  • Keeps farmstand retail displays orderly, restocks shelves, tracks inventory, and reports item shortages.
  • Prepares produce for sale and subscriptions.
  • Keeps the farmstand clean and sanitary, including restrooms, offices, storage, and retail space.
  • Removes trash, recycling, and compost.
  • Weeds, waters, and cares for plantings near the farmstand.
  • Provides logistical support for events, including moving furniture and decorations, directing guests, or performing any other duties that help make events run smoothly.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Must be able to perform long hours of repetitive work effectively and efficiently.
  • Must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Must be available to work irregular hours, at least one weekend day per week, and some holidays.
  • Requires basic math and computer proficiency.
  • Requires standing or walking for up to four hours without break.
  • While performing this job, the employee will regularly be required to use handsand arms to reach and grasp to hold products, supplies, and tools; to talk and speak clearly to customers and co-workers; and to hear questions.
  • Allergic conditions, which could be aggravated when handling or working indoorsor outdoors with plants or chemicals, may be a disqualification.
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